Sexy guy in Calvins; quiet Friday night for Martin; thoughts on Christmas …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m not a huge fan of Calvin Klein briefs, although Calvin certainly finds interesting guys to pose in his products, doesn’t he? But I must say, ┬áthe young man’s briefs in tonight’s photo post are quite … tantalizing. What do you think? Should he take them off or leave them on? Imagine kissing him? (Okay, Martin: calm down ….)

It’s Friday night and I’m alone, as my lovely boyfriend’s hard at work and won’t be home ’til nearly midnight. It’s okay. I need a little alone-time. I’ll prepare a simple meal for myself. The maybe I’ll watch a Netflix film I recently chose, titled In a Better World. Anybody seen it?

A reader named Jacob wrote me from NYC today. He’s a student at City College in Manhattan, plans to major in Biology, then go on to medical school. He said, “I read your post this morning about your Christmas preparations. I’m sure Christmas is exciting to Christians, but I’m a Jew and I always feel a little depressed and left out when this season comes around. I’m sure I’m not the first Jew who’s told you this.”

U-m-m, no you’re not, Jacob. Many of my best friends in my boyhood neighborhood were Jews; I never cared that their religion was different than mine (Methodist). My first male lover was a Jew named Randy. We met when I was twenty-one, he nineteen. My law partner for fifteen years was a Jew. So, I’ve had many discussions with my Jewish pals and lovers on this subject. And, yeah, I know not everyone celebrates Christmas. Still, I hope you’ll understand it’s a joyous season for those of us who grew up with the customs of Christmas.

Also, I stopped attending church when I was twelve. I’m not a person of faith, so Christmas is not a religious holiday for me, just a fun time to share with friends and loved ones.

Okay, everyone: I’ll be moving along. Have a nice Friday evening.

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