Naked stud on a chair; blog’s getting busy again …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m not a fan of plastic chairs; they leave me cold, as the saying goes. But the chair in tonight’s photo post suits me fine, as long as the naked guy sitting on it is around. Aye-yi-yi, what a stud ….

I’ve been busy today. After editing all morning, I took care of correspondence and put future publication projects in the works. I waved a white hankie at my boyfriend as he drove off to work. I ran three miles on the island, then did errands to buy beer, more Christmas lights, and other assorted paraphernalia to decorate the house. Christmas is so much work, but it’s fun, too.

Tonight, I’ll hang out at the house and maybe watch Wisconsin play in the Big Ten championship game. (Or is it Big Twelve, now? I don’t know ….) The fridge is stocked with beer and wine, and I have leftovers from last night’s home-cooked meal I’m set, I think. In a few minutes, I’ll visit the shore to watch sunset with my neighbors. It’s warm tonight — about 76 degrees F — and my doors and windows are open. It’s so nice. This is my kind of winter weather.

Thanks to everyone who sent comments about the “skimpy briefs” photos I posted this week. They were a big hit, especially the lad in the flannel “sleep pants”, who looked like he needed a little company. Anyone wish to volunteer? After a few slow days during the middle of the week, the blog’s mucho busy. I’ll have 2,000 visitors by the end of the evening. Have a great Saturday night, all.

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