Beautiful gymnasts; another quiet day for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

I used to watch the Summer Olympics religiously, every four years. But I grew tire dof all the cheating and commercialism; it’s not a gathering of amateur athletes any longer. But I still try to catch the men’s gymnastics and men’s swimming competitions, for obvious reasons.

Gymnasts and swimmers have the most beautiful physiques of any athletes, I guess because of their special training methods. I mean, look at these two guys in today’s photo post. They’re … flawless, aren’t they?

My boyfriend and I are spending a leisurely morning together before he takes off for yet another long workday. Outside, the sun’s shining and it’s 76 degrees — a beautiful day. But alas: a steady wind is blowing about 15 MPH, which nixes my bike ride. It’s okay. Since I ran three miles yesterday, I’ll just take a three-mile walk on the beach this afternoon, for my daily exercise.

Noble Romance Publishing has advised me my short novel, Convict Ass will be released in about ten days. I’m excited about it. I wrote the book over the course of three months, earlier this year. It’s a love story, with a heavy doses of raw sex, fire-bugging and violence. The three main characters: Kurt, Eli and Preston, have all “done time” behind bars, but they’re lovable guys, just the same. Once the book’s published, I’ll put up the cover on the sidebar at right, and you can browse it at the Noble Romance website.

Okay, I have much to do and the morning’s slipping away. So, I’ll wish everyone a wonderful Sunday. I hope the sun is shining, wherever you are.

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