Naked youth with hot buns; sunny Monday on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

I know: it’s Monday morning — the beginning of another work week — and you’re not feeling too spirited at the moment. But have a look at this morning’s photo post. Look at his sexy rear end. You’re feeling better already, aren’t you? There’s something to be said for naked young men. They brighten your day like nothing else can.

It’s a quiet morning, here on the island. My boyfriend worked until late last night, while I went to a friend’s home to fish in the Intracoastal Waterway and enjoy a fine dinner. Four guys, including me, were there, and we enjoyed many laughs.

The weather last night was perfect — breezy and warm — and the sunset was beautiful. This is the best time of year to be outdoors in Florida. We even caught a speckled trout and a redfish. It’s great to have friends I can enjoy simple pleasures with.

Now, my boyfriend’s catching up on his sleep and I’m editing a story. The doors and windows are open and it’s pleasant outside — about 75 degrees and sunny. This afternoon, we’ll visit the YMCA for our usual workout and lap-swimming. My boyfriend works again tonight, so I don’t know what I’ll be up to. For certain, I’ll visit the beach to watch sunset. Right now, I have a lot of work on my plate, writing-wise, so I’ll probably slave at the keyboard, after dinner.

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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