Hot boy in a blue Speedo. Remember him?

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you remember the young man at left? I call him “Blue Speedo Boy”. Back when I posted photos on my WordPress blog, this was by far the most popular picture I ever posted. People downloaded it thousands of times.

What is it about Blue Speedo Boy that makes him so appealing? Of course, his lean body and smooth skin are special. So is that bulge he displays in his swimsuit. But I think what makes him special is the fact he’s oblivious to his own beauty. He’s probably not even aware he’s being photographed. He’s also not the least bit shy about appearing before a crowd of people wearing the skimpiest of swimsuits. Good for you, Blue Speedo Boy.

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, here on the island. The sun is shining, there is no wind blowing, and the temperature’s around 77 degrees F — a perfect December day in Florida. Today is “cookie baking day” for me and my boyfriend. We’ll make three types. Then, later this week, we’ll put them in nice baskets and deliver them to our neighbors. It’s always fun, and it gets me in the Christmas spirit.

On other matters … I spent a good part of yesterday restoring posts form old old blog, from the months of October and November 2011. It took forever. So, I’ve made a decision: I won’t try to restore any photos on posts made before September 1, 2011. Instead, I’ll re-post the most popular photos in new posts I’ll put up in the months ahead. How’s that?

Haved a nice Saturday, everyone.

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