Another boy sleeping in his skimpy briefs; site visits slowly rising …

Hi, friends and readers:

This morning’s photo post was quite a hit with readers, so I thought I’d post a similar photo this evening. Everyone like it?

I’m just home from the YMCA, still feeling a little ragged from last night’s party, but certainly better than this morning. My boyfriend’s at work, and I have a ton of editing chores to perform on my novel, Maui. I’ll keep busy tonight, that’s for certain.

I checked Google Analytics for stats on this site, and they are steadily rising, as people find their way back to Martin, after the summary WordPress “execution” of my blog. Now, if you Google my name, the first “result” is this website. I’m hopeful we’ll get back to 1,500-2,000 visits per day in a few weeks.

Have a nice Friday night, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Another boy sleeping in his skimpy briefs; site visits slowly rising …

  1. Hello Martin,

    I am glad to see that you are up and running again, and that you are doing well. Boy is it warm down here! I live in Seattle, but I am visiting family on Captiva for the holidays. You made some understandably negative comments about Captiva a while back, but, who knows, maybe you and your BF will someday join us for a sunset cocktail at our more humble than you would think Captiva home. Anyway, my comment is that Marat, if that is the correct spelling, is great, but the boy on your header the last few days is far superior. If the just displaced boy is in fact over 18, you should bring him back! This is just one man’s opinion. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas.


    • Hi, Trey:

      Thanks for writing. Things have been more than crazy since WordPress executed my blog, but now that I’m a I’m assured it won’t happen again. As to the boy in the header … he seemed a bit young to me. I’m sticking with Marat. And, I’m glad to hear you’re in Captiva. Isn’t our holiday weather nice? Merry Christmas, Trey.


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