Hot guy sleeping in skimpy briefs; Martin’s a bit hungover …

Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at this morning’s photo post. What do you think? Imagine if he were lying in your bed in those skimpy white briefs? Would you wake him up, or would you simply snuggle up next to him? U-m-m-m, that’s a stupid question to ask, now isn’t it?

I’m a bit hungover this morning, following our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party last night. The whole thing turned out great. Our neighbors all came in their hideous sweaters. They drank plenty of wine, ate most all of the food. People stayed for hours, yakking away and enjoying our Christmas tree. I’m so glad we did it, before my boyfriend leaves town for Minnesota.

Now, it’s late Friday morning. In about 45 minutes we’ll drive to the YMCA for our usual workout. Then my boyfriend’s off to work and I’ll spend the evening at home, dining on leftovers and working on edits. As mentioned in a previous post, Noble Romance is releasing my novel, Maui, as a reprint, maybe as early as mid-January 2012, depending on how edits go. So, I’ll be a busy boy between now and the end of December.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.


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