Cute boy with amazing abs; Martin’s a single man for a week …

Hi, friends and readers:

What do you think of this evening’s photo post. I know … some of you may think he’s too skinny, but I think his abdominal muscles are … amazing. He’s cute, too. I like his dark eyes and hair.

Today’s been a mixed bag for me. After sharing lunch with my boyfriend, I drove him to the Tampa airport. Thankfully, his flight left on time and he arrived in Minneapolis safely. But now I’m single for a week. (Sniffle …)

Air travel at this time of year can be a nightmare. Here’s a travel tip from Martin: find a nonstop flight, even if you must pay more. Connecting flights are 80% of the problems when traveling by air, plus they add so much time onto a flight.

Once home, I took a 16-mile bike ride, here on the island. The weather was so nice — about 78 degrees and sunny, with almost no wind. Perfect for cycling. I barely broke a sweat, and I pedaled at 15 MPH the whole way.

Do you notice something new on this new site? My book covers and links to publishers are now displayed in the sidebar. I’m getting better with this new format. Pretty soon, this site will look as nice as my old blog did. And I won’t get “shafted” by WordPress for being a “commercial” site.

I’m home alone tonight. I plan to dine on leftovers, then work on edits for my upcoming release, Maui. Wherever you are tonight, I hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday night.

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