Another sexy boy, fast asleep; beautiful day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

The photos of sleeping young men I’ve posted this week seem to be a hit. So, I thought I’d post another. This photo was on of the most popular I posted this year; thousands of readers downloaded it. Feel free to do this. Just right-click on the photo, then save it . I wonder what the young man’s dreaming about? His boyfriend, perhaps?

Speaking of boyfriends … mine’s in Minneapolis, freezing his cute buns off. I, on the other hand, woke to another beautiful Florida day. I took a 1-1/2 mile walk on the beach around 8:30 AM. The sun shone and a light breeze blew. The temperature’s around 72 degrees F, just perfect. I’ve just finished my breakfast, and now I must work on revisions to my book, Maui, which will re-release next month.

This afternoon, I’ll visit the YMCA, sans boyfriend (sniffle) for a workout and lap-swimming. I pay a visit to the supermarket on the way. Then I’ll join my buds in the city for our usual Wednesday night beer-drinking and dining. It’s always fun.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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