Sexy, shirtless boy in his bedroom; another beautiful evening on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

People have differing views on what constitutes “male beauty.” I have my own opinions, of course.

Have a look at the young man in tonight’s photo post. He exemplifies male beauty. Again, in my opinion. Anybody disagree?

I didn’t think so.

I’ve had a very nice day. I spent the morning on edits. Then I hit the YMCA for a full workout, basketball and lap-swimming. I hit the booze store for wine on the way home.

Enough traveling for Martin; I’m staying on the island tonight. It’s beautiful here this evening — 76 degrees F, sunny and still. Our sunset tonight will be beautiful. Afterward, I’m having a couple of my neighbors over for drinks. I’ll make a simple dinner afterward, and maybe I’ll watch a film on cable.

Is everyone looking forward to Christmas Eve. I sure am; I’m going caroling with friends tomorrow night. I practiced with my guitar this afternoon, to be sure I’m ready to play. Yeah, I’m a real A. Segovia.

Have a nice Friday evening, everyone.


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