Beautiful boy in a blue t-shirt; Martin’s golfing today …

Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys like beefcake, I know. And I get that. There’s something to be said for ripped hunks. But I’m more of the “boy next door” type, myself. The young man in this morning’s photo post suits me fine. He has a sweet look to him, doesn’t he?

I’m up outrageously early, my alarm went off at 6:30 AM. (Horrors!) I’m participating in a golf tournament organized by friends. The course we’re playing is an hour’s drive north of here. I will surely be the crappiest golfer in the whole event. There are fourteen us. I went to high school with most of these guys, about 100 years ago. The weather’s supposed to be nice, and the course is supposed to be pretty, so it should be fun, even if I do lose my $25.00 in the betting pool.

Our Christmas dinner last night was very nice, but I fell asleep right after dinner and I missed dessert at my neighbor’s house. (See what happens when my boyfriend isn’t here to keep an eye on me?) I did revive long enough to see the last half of the Packers/Bears game, which the Packers won handily. My favorite Packers player, Jordy Nelson, made several big plays.

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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