Cute video Martin wants to share …

Hi, friends and readers:

This is just an experiment. I have not tried to insert any videos into this site since it was created earlier this month, replacing my former blog. But it seems I have learned how. Imagine that? I will never be able to fully restore all the posts in my former WordPress blog. But I’ve just about completed restoration of all posts from September 1, 2011 and forward to the present. Not bad, eh?

Anyway: I think the video’s pretty funny, and the guy in it sure is cute. Would you take him up on his offer? I think I would. But I’m curious, readers: do you find the video distracting, or is it entertaining? Let me know, please.

Again, have a nice Thursday.

One thought on “Cute video Martin wants to share …

  1. I think the idea of videos is wonderful. This one is very funny to watch even though it is short. I do like seeing the pictures more then videos and I am not sure why that is for me personally. But your ideas of adding some videos would add something more to your site. Whatever your feedback is, I still think you have the best site around. Thank you for the creation of this great site.


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