Lovely lifeguard; sweet Friday for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

My boyfriend and I went to the YMCA today for our usual workout and lap-swimming. One of my favorite lifeguards, Michael, tended the pool. He’s a lovely lad, but not nearly as cute as the guy in tonight’s photo post.

H-m-m-m. I don’t know about that i-Pod. Would the lifeguard save me, if I cried for help? Would he hear my screams? Would he give mouth-to-mouth¬†resuscitation?

Who knows? I hate to think I’d drown while he listened to Lady Gaga.

It’s all been good today: writing, YMCA, hitting the driving range to hit a basket of balls. We visited the supermarket afterward; I baked a frozen pizza for my boyfriend before he left for work. Then, my good friend and neighbor rode with me to happy hour at our local gay club. We had a few drinks; it was nice.

I’m home now, with dinner in the oven: a baked ziti casserole I love so much. We’ll dine on leftovers for days. I’ll stay home tonight. Maybe I’ll read or edit my upcoming short novel, Loving Samuel.¬†

Have a nice Friday night, friends.

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