Hot guy in white briefs: fishing and football on tap for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like tonight’s photo post. Isn’t he cute? And he certainly makes those white briefs he’s wearing look nice, doesn’t he? If he were my boyfriend, he’d wearing nothing else, at least when he was home.

My boyfriend and I arrived home about an hour ago, after working out at the YMCA and swimming laps in the pool. It’s absolutely beautiful on the island this evening — about 70 degrees, sunny and still. We’re going to fish on the seawall for an hour, right after the tide changes to incoming. Then we’ll make dinner and watch a bit of football: LSU versus Alabama for the BCS national title. I’m not all that excited about the game; I don’t like either school or their football teams. But I’ll watch a while.

My website stats are rising each day, now that I’ve somewhat recovered from the “murder” of my blog by WordPress. I’ve now restored most all posts dating back to August first, and I’ll continue doing so, when I have time. It will likely take months before my traffic level reaches 1,500-2,000 visits per day, as it was back in early December 2011. It’s okay. I’ll persevere.

Have a nice Monday, evening, everyone.


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