Slender, sexy guy in a denim jacket; second installment of “Who Shall I Tell?”

Hi, friends and readers:

Have you ever owned a denim jacket. I had one when I was in college and law school. It doesn’t offer much warmth, but it does look pretty sexy on a tall and slender guy, like the young man in tonight’s photo post. He’s a beauty, isn’t he?

I’m home from the YMCA; I had a good workout, got my own lap-lane in the pool, which is always nice. My boyfriend’s at work and I’ll soon depart for the city, to join my buds for beer-drinking and a restaurant meal. It’ll be fun.

Is everyone enjoying the first portion of my story, Who Shall I Tell? I hope so. Here’s the second installment, for your reading pleasure. As always, it comes with a caveat:

This story is not for the squeamish, nor for those under eighteen years of age. It contains graphic descriptions of a sexual encounter between two males. It also contains elements of BDSM. If this sort of material offends you, don’t read Who Shall I Tell?  

* * * *

Copyright 2009 Martin Delacroix

“They’re slobs,” Jake told Adam, speaking of the colleagues they’d just played hoops with.

Jake and Adam stood in the gang showers at the YMCA, soaping themselves while the air steamed. Their opponents had eschewed bathing; they’d returned to the offices of Griffin & Lightfoot with their shirts stuck to their backs, their hair matted.

Adam shook his head. “I pity the clients they’ll meet this afternoon.”

Adam’s eyes were closed and water pounded his shoulders; the water streamed off the head of his uncut cock. Jake gazed at Adam like Adam was hot buttered toast. Jake wondered what Adam might say if Adam knew the thoughts emerging in Jake’s mind, whenever Jake saw his Adam naked.

This was Jake’s six month of employment at Griffin & Lightfoot. Since his arrival in Orlando, Jake’s love-life had been nonexistent. Back in Athens he’d had a secret boyfriend, his first, an undergraduate from Savannah named Carter, an elfin lad with aquamarine eyes and straw-colored hair that grew to his shoulders.

Jake missed Carter terribly — Jake felt lonely and sex-starved — but Griffin & Lightfoot was a conservative firm. Jake had avoided the city’s gay establishments, fearing he might encounter someone from work — a paralegal or secretary, a person who might reveal Jake’s homosexuality to others at the firm. The thought of this happening terrified Jake. He’d worked so hard to get this far. He couldn’t jeopardize his future, could he?

Jake kept promising himself he’d visit another town — Tampa or Ft. Lauderdale perhaps — for a weekend of excitement, but his workload at the firm had precluded him from doing so. Sixty-hour weeks were de rigueur for Griffin & Lightfoot associates, and Jake worked most every Saturday, generating the sort of billable hours that would earn him a junior partnership in a two or three years.

But sometimes Jake wondered if he could last that long. His loneliness and his longing for intimacy with another man, gnawed at him day and night. He slept fitfully, suffered frequent headaches, and his appetite was poor. He had lost a dozen pounds since coming to Orlando. Dark crescents painted the lower halves of his eye sockets.

Now, he glanced at Adam’s buttocks — a pair of cantaloupes white as cream — and his mouth grew sticky. He thought of Carter, back in Athens, and how the boy liked to ride Jake’s ample cock, making the bed springs wheeze. Jake missed the warmth, the sheer fun of their uninhibited sex. He had loved waking next to Carter in the morning. The two would lie spoon-style, Carter’s back to Jake’s chest. Jake would bury his nose in the boy’s hair; he’d wrap his arm around Carter’s chest and grind his hips against the boy’s supple ass cheeks.

Now, nothing. Just a magazine and a tube of jelly and his own right hand.

“Pass the shampoo, would you?” Adam asked.

When Jake handed Adam the bottle, the two men’s knuckles touched and Jake felt an electric jolt slither up his arm. He studied the dark hair under Adam’s arms while Adam lathered his scalp with his eyes closed. Jake gazed at Adam’s cock; he wondered: how large does it get when it’s erect? And how would it taste, resting on my tongue?

Easy McGovern, Jake told himself. He’s got a girlfriend.

* * * *

Okay, friends: that’s all the free fiction for today. Have I enticed you enough to keep reading? Like all my stories, it’s not just about sex. It’s about the struggles ordinary people face in the real world. I’ll post another segment tomorrow, I promise.

Have a nice Wednesday evening, all.



Beautiful guy in a turquoise shirt; busy day for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Turquoise has always been one of my favorite colors, and it certainly flatters the young man’s beauty in this morning’s photo post. His hair, skin and eyes are amazing. I wonder what his name is and where he lives? And why is he taking off his shirt?

I’m back from a two-mile walk on the beach. It’s yet another gorgeous day in central Florida. The sun is shining, the temperature’s around 72 degrees F, and the air is still. Just perfect. There’s no better place to spend winter, believe me. Especially on my little island.

I have a busy day ahead. I’m meeting my sister and mom for lunch. Then I’ll meet my boyfriend at the YMCA for our usual workout and lap-swimming. I have editing work to do when I get home. And I’ll dine with my Wednesday night buds this evening, in the city. So, the Element will get a workout today.

Yesterday, I received my “contributor’s copies” of Best Gay Romance 2012, a new Cleis Press anthology. It includes my story, Cody Barton. It’s always a thrill to hold a book in my hand when it contains something I’ve written a year before. This book has a beautiful cover; I’m very pleased.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.