Monday blues? Here’s the cure: a beautiful guy in black and white; quiet evening on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

I know it’s Monday. For many folks, that meant a return to work after a nice weekend. I remember Mondays when I practiced law; I always came home feeling drained, ready for an uplift of some kind.

In honor of all you Monday workers, I’m providing tonight’s photo post. I know, it’s a black and white. But, isn’t he beautiful? I’m not sure what those ropes are about; I guess he’s at an athletic field. But I think it’s a stunning photo. What a face … I’m guessing he’s Brazilian. His name is … Alberto. I’ll bet he’s from Rio de Janiero. .

We’re home from visits to the YMCA and the supermarket. I missed the “Y” twice last week. First due to scheduling conflicts, then to the damned cold I picked up. It felt good to exercise, play basketball, and swim laps with my boyfriend. It’s a beautiful night on the island: warm, still and sunny. Sunset should be nice. My boyfriend’s cooking Mexican food tonight, always a good meal, in my book.

You know the two pieces on gay skateboarders I mentioned in yesterday’s afternoon post? Lots of people are following the links and checking out the forum thread and magazine article. I’m receiving lots of comments, some positive, some not so positive. Go ahead: read them if you haven’t already.

Have a nice Monday night, all.

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