Thoughts on Republican politics: aye-yi-yi …

Hi, friends and readers:

I don’t normally discuss political matters on this site. I try to keep things “light.” But, tonight I need to rant. Please, bear with me ….

Listen: if you want to support a political party that considers you a second class citizen, be my guest. But in my book, a gay man who votes Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. The very act is self-defeating; it’s self-flagellation. Why not bang your head against the wall? It’ll feel good when you stop.

Look, the Republican Party exists for one purpose, and one purpose only: to feather the nests of the wealthy and corporate America. That’s all, that’s it. I know: Republicans spout all this nonsense about conservative “values”, but it’s pure hogwash. Do a little homework on Newt Gingrich’s personal history. The guy’s a total dirt bag; someone should attach him to a portable vacuum.

Santorum’s not much better; he takes money from shady super-PACS with suspicious agendas. His Christian piety is nauseating. (Would Jesus accept PAC money?) And he looks terrible in those sweater vests, just like the high school Chemistry teacher you always despised. What a phony.

Ron Paul? He’s delusional and simplistic — the candidate of the ultra-stupid. Why do people listen to crackpots like Paul? Do they really think our problems can be solved so easily? Dr. Ron, our national debt dilemma is more complicated than curing a case of gonorrhea.  It’s true.

Romney? He’s not detestable, but I don’t think he stands for much, other than getting himself elected, and seeing himself on TV. He’s like a weather vane. “Which direction is the wind blowing today?” A tailor’s dummy has more soul and conviction.

Thankfully, the economy is turning around, after the mess G. W. Bush, the banks, and the GOP left us three years ago. Know this: Obama will kick GOP butt in November. Still, I’m hoping the Republicans will pick Santorum, maybe with our idiot Florida senator, Marco Rubio, as Santorum’s running mate. Rubio’s a major liar and scumbag, a man with the intellect and substance of cotton candy.

A Santorum/Rubio ticket would be perfect: a sanctimonious pea brain paired with a grimy dwarf from Hialeah. If this happens (Please, God: let it.) the Democrats will re-take the House. Then, maybe we’ll get a few sensible things done in Washington; I can’t wait.

Okay, rant over.

Have a nice Monday night, all.

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