Do you remember Luke Halpin, from the “Flipper” TV series?

Hi, friends and readers:

Yesterday’s post on the passing of Davy Jones brought forth many comments form people who recalled him as fondly as I do. It seems I’m not the only one who has a special place in his heart for Davy.

And speaking of 1960s heart throbs, if you’re old as dirt, like me, then you’ll remember another television series called Flipper. Filmed in southeast Florida, the star of Flipper was a bottlenose dolphin named, of course, Flipper. Now, Flipper was cute; he had a great smile. But my favorite character was Sandy, played by Luke Halpin. I’ve posted Luke’s photo here, this morning. He’s cute, isn’t he? In the show, Luke usually appeared shirtless, wearing only cutoff blue jeans. Believe me, he was quite a sight. I wonder where Luke is today?

If you want to see some tantalizing footage of Luke from his Flipper days, click on this You Tube link:

I’m back from my two-mile walk on the beach. It’s warm and extremely windy down there today. The wind’s coming from the south, meaning it’s blowing muggy air up here from the Everglades. When I came home from the beach, the temperature was 81 degrees F in my house. So, I did what any sensible Floridian would do: I closed the windows and turned on the air conditioning. I know, it may seem weird, using the a/c in winter, but that’s how we do things in Florida.

My boyfriend’s working all day; he won’t be home until aounr f nine or ten tonight. So, I’ll spend my morning writing. Maybe I’ll visit the YMCA and use a stationary bike there. It’s too windy to ride my bike outdoors, plus maybe I’ll swim laps in the pool if it’s not too crowded.

Have a nice Saturday, everyone.


2 thoughts on “Do you remember Luke Halpin, from the “Flipper” TV series?

  1. Thanks for “Luke”. He is indeed cute, and the background “reminds” me of my visits to Florida’s East coast in the 1970s, when I would “cruise” the A-1A along the ocean, and I saw a Pileated Woodpecker among the scrub along the sand dunes at the edge of the road. Sometimes I think the Florida life away from the crowds must still offer a lot of solace in Nature.

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