Best friends, getting chummy at home. Question from a reader about Martin’s books.

Hi, friends and readers:

Spending the night at your best friend’s house is always fun, especially when you two are the only folks home. You can shed your clothing and do whatever comes to mind. Like getting affectionate and taking photos of yourselves to share with others. What do you suppose the guys in today photo post are up to? They certainly seem to be close friends, now don’t they?

I slept in late today. I was kind of tired after yesterday’s multiple activities. I think I’m still a little fatigued from my surgery, and maybe I need to slow things down a bit. But I’m up and ready to get things done today: writing, visiting the supermarket, and taking care of correspondence.

I keep getting questions from readers about my story Passion Play. Someone wrote yesterday. He said, “I read the story on a friend’s computer, but didn’t copy it. I want to buy a copy ’cause I liked the story, but I can’t find it anywhere. What’s up?”

Well, Passion Play was under contract with Torquere Press for two years. The contract expired. So, you can’t buy the story from Torquere, nor from Amazon or anyone else. Also, I don’t sell directly to readers. I plan to include Passion Play in a future, BDSM anthology. But that’ll be sometime off –at least six months to a year — because I’m busy with other projects. Sorry I can’t help you.

It’s another pretty day outside — sunny, dry and around 75 degrees F. I hope it’s nice where you are, too.

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