Beautiful River Phoenix. Was he gay?

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I recently watched the 1986 film, Stand By Me, starring River Phoenix and Will Wheaton, and I was reminded of just what wonderful actor River was. He played his parts deftly and believably, even at a young age. He showed so much promise, but sadly he died in 1993, at the age of 23.

A question people have always asked is, “Was River Phoenix gay?” The answer is: I don’t know. To my knowledge, he was never romantically linked to anyone. He did play a gay character in My Own Private Idaho, and did so convincingly. But then, that was his job.

River certainly was a beautiful young man, although during his later years he slowly ravaged his health and ¬†good looks with drugs. It seems River wasn’t a particularly happy guy when he became an adult. He came from an unorthodox family who lived not far from Gainesville, FL, where I attended the University of Florida. I never met River, but I understand he was a gentle person.

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