Cute Penn State wrestler; comment from a gay wrestler’s mom …

Hi, friends and readers:

I think wrestlers are sexy, and I admire their dedication to their sport. Success in wrestling comes form strength training, diet, and lots of practice. It’s not a sport for the faint of heart, that’s for certain. And it’s great physical conditioning. Witness the young man’s abdominals, in this evening’s photo post. You could tap dance on his belly.

I’m posting about wrestling tonight because I received an interesting comment, via this site, from a gay high school wrestler’s mom. She said this:

“Mr. Delacroix, last Sunday my son Matthew told his father and I he is gay. This came as a complete shock to us. Matthew has always been an athlete: baseball, tennis, and, most of all, wrestling. He is a high school junior, and has won every match against seniors he wrestled this year, except one. He’s a good student and popular with kids at school.

“Matthew told us about your website and the many times you have posted remarks from gay wrestlers in high school and college. He said reading those posts made him feel better about himself, and gave him the courage to tell us about his sexual orientation. While I must say I find much of the material on your site offensive, I want to thank you for the posts about gay wrestlers and other gay athletes.

“Matthew’s father and I are still letting Matthew’s revelation “sink in.” It will take a while for us to adjust to this new information. But we love our son and we will accept him for who he is. We have told him he is free to bring a boyfriend home for us to meet, when and if he finds one. Truthfully, I’m happy Matthew told us. I don’t want him hiding parts of his life from us.”


I only wish  more parents of gay athletes responded in such a positive manner, when their sons come out of the closet. Okay, I get it that Matthew’s mom doesn’t appreciate some of the raunchier materials I post here.That’s okay. I accept her thanks cheerfully.

And, good luck, Matthew.

I’m home from the YMCA and supermarket. I did a dozen chores, once I got here. Now, I’m relaxing with a beer, and looking forward to a quiet evening by myself. I’ll hit the bed early tonight, as I’m traveling to visit a relative in an ALF tomorrow morning. Have a great Friday night, all.

2 thoughts on “Cute Penn State wrestler; comment from a gay wrestler’s mom …

  1. It would have been fifteen years ago that I might have been the parent of a High School junior, but for reasons that I won’t disclose right now, that never was to be. My hat and heart are off and open respectively, to the parent of the High School wrestler who is the subject of this blog entry. And for one reason: while my life is so much quieter because of my loss, the lives written about, not only those years that have already passed but those yet to come, may be full of laughter and joy, sorrow and tears, and all because of the love expressed, and the acceptance given from that love. And that it is to celebrate a young person “for who he is” as the truth at its core, powerfully elevates ten or more young gay men with wonderful lives ahead to live. Thank you Martin for providing the platform.

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