Naked boy at a lake; Summer has arrived in central Florida …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s summer, and all around the northern hemisphere guys are shedding their clothes to take a refreshing dip in a lake, a stream or another body of water. It’s a natural thing to do.

Except the years I spent at college and law school, I have always lived near the Gulf of Mexico. I don’t like being far from it. I like the way it smells and the sounds it makes. I like the seabirds and creatures it nourishes. And I like the feel of salt water on my skin. My front door’s about 100 yards from the Gulf, and about 20 yards from the Intracoastal  Waterway — island living at its best,

I’m back from my usual two-mile walk on the shore. Summer is definitely here. At nine A.M. the temperature was already around 85 degrees. It’ll get close to ninety, later today. This means it’s time for me alter my daily schedule. I’ll rise earlier and go to bed earlier, so I can exercise outdoors before the day gets too warm. Each morning, I’ll take a swim in the Gulf after I exercise; it’s a nice routine.

Today will be a typical Friday for me: writing this morning, visiting the YMCA this afternoon, then the supermarket to stock up for the weekend. My boyfriend works tonight, so I’ll fix a simply meal and maybe take another walk on the beach this evening.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

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