Beautiful boy with sexy lips; baseball game this afternoon …

Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys look great in sleeveless T-shirts. It takes a good pair of shoulders to pull off the look, and the young man in this morning’s photo post certainly wears his “cut off” well, don’t you think? Look at those lips. Yum-m-m-m ….

I’m doing my “summer schedule”now. This morning, I rose at 7:30, to walk two miles on the beach, and then swim in the Gulf. It was nice down there. By rising early, I avoid the worst heat of the day. I’m sure by noon, the temperature will reach 90 degrees F.

I’m attending the Tampa Bay Rays baseball game today; the Rays play Oakland at home. Now, some people don’t like our stadium, but I do. It’s domed and air conditioned, so you don’t have to sweat or worry about rain-outs.  And there are no visual obstructions in the park. Our seats are just above the third base dugout. The Rays are playing great ball this year, and there are always plenty of good-looking guys to check out. The crowd at most games is two-thirds male, which improves the eye-candy situation.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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