Sexy DiCaprio video clip; Martin’s going surfing …

Hi, friends and readers:

I think Leonardo DiCaprio is an appealing man. And he was especially beautiful in his youth. In 1995, he appeared in a film titled Total Eclipse. He played Arthur Rimbaud, a 19th Century French poet who indulged in a torrid affair with his mentor, Paul Verlaine. This morning, I’ve posted a clip from the film.I know you’ll all enjoy it. Wasn’t Leo cute?

I’m back from my two-mile walk on the beach, and my dip in the Gulf. It was beautiful down there, as always. The key to visiting the beach at this time of year is timing. You have to get going no later than eight AM, or it’s too damned hot. Now, I’m home and getting ready to work on edits on a Young Adult novel I’ve written.

After lunch, my boyfriend and I will travel to Florida’s East Coast to surf in Brevard County. We’ll take our boards, bikes and golf clubs. The surf’s not exactly firing, according to Internet reports, but there’s enough to justify going over there. Wen conditions go flat, we’ll golf or explore on our bikes.

Never fear, readers: I’ll take my laptop, and I’ll post from Cocoa Beach, so you won’t be deprived of my fascinating photos and commentaries on life. Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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