Martin’s home from his surfing trip; quiet night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

We’re home from our surfing trip. I can’t say our surfing experience was satisfying — no waves. But the weather in Brevard County was beautiful, our golf game was a joy, and our meals out, both nights, were a pleasure.

Now, I’m a Gulf Coast boy; I’ve lived here all my life and would never leave. But I do love the East Coast, too. I’ve surfed there since I was a teenager. It has a different feel to it; I can’t exactly say why. But I am always happy when I’m over there.

This afternoon, we rode our bikes around the island, about five miles. Then we took a swim in the pool at a private facility we belong to. It’s a nice night here: sunny, breezy, and not too warm. We have a Netflix rental to watch tonight: The┬áHistory Boys. I’ve seen it before; it’s a very nice film. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do so. Maybe we’ll watch sunset at the shore, before preparing dinner.

Have a nice Thursday night, everyone.

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