More hot guys with sexy abs. Work day for Martin.

Hi, friends and readers:

This morning, I offer yet another pair of photos depicting beautiful guys with sexy abdominal muscles. The young man at left certainly has an appealing look, doesn’t he? How come he’s not lying on my sofa?

I’m posting later than usual, and there’s a reason. I’m renovating an apartment I plan to lease next tourist season. There’s a lot of work to be done: cleaning, painting, window repairs, and appliance replacement. This morning, our friends and neighbors gave us a brand new range someone was planning to throw out because it doesn’t fit their decor. The range still has the price sticker on it from Sears. We couldn’t pass it up, but we spent two hours removing the old range and fridge, then installing the new range. It was hot, sweaty work, and my back’s a bit tired. But the effort was worth it.

This afternoon, I’ll do painting and caulking, and a bit of cleaning. It’s not fun stuff, but it’s not hard either. And it’ll give me time to ponder my next writing project.

My boyfriend and I walked two miles on the beach, before laboring on the apartment appliances. It’s a curious day outside: overcast, warm, and humid. Still, there were many people on the beach, and crowding the breakfast cafe down the street. Sundays are always busy days on our island, regardless of the weather.

I’m getting heavy traffic on the site today. If thing s keep going the way they have been this morning, I should have over 1,000 visitors by the day’s end. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by, and have a nice Sunday, friends.

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