Okay, all right: one more day of amazing abs …

Hi, friends and readers:

You guys are quite insistent, you know. Yesterday, after I said I was posting the last of the “amazing abs” series of photo, I received many comments of protest, asking for “just a few more.”

Okay, all right: I can’t stand the thought of disappointing my readers. So, here are two more of my favorites. Both appear to be the typical, Facebook, I-took-this picture-of myself-with-my-i-Phone photos. But the guys in the pictures are far from typical or ordinary.

Aye-yi-yi. Look at those belly muscles.

I’m back from my two-mile walk on the beach. It’s overcast and drizzling this morning. Hardly a soul was down there. Me? I don’t mind walking in the rain. It’s kind of peaceful, really. The Gulf was calm and things were quiet. I didn’t take my usual dip in the Gulf, though. Due to lack of sunshine, my walk home would’ve been a bit chilly.

Today will be a typical Wednesday for me. I’ll work on a writing project this morning; I’ll edit a story I wrote two years ago, titled Eric and Lucas. It’s about two college roommates who are lovers. One is a National Merit Scholar who’s a computer geek; he’s a white boy who’s a bit effeminate. The other guy’s a diver on the university’s swim team. He’s from Taiwan, and he’s a dominant type. I’m making revisions to the story before I submit it for inclusion in an upcoming anthology.

My boyfriend’s working today. I’ll visit the YMCA by myself this afternoon; then I’ll run a few errands before returning home. I’m not sure what I’ll do with myself this evening. I have so much writing work to do, so I’ll keep busy. I have correspondence and phone calls to catch up on, too.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone. And enjoy these bonus “amazing abs” photos.

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