More hot guys, snoozing; party on the island tonight …

Hi, friends and readers:

No, I didn’t abandon this week’s “hot guy fast asleep” theme. But I felt I should post photos of surfers when posting segments from my story, Me and Shea. After all, Shea is, above all else, a surfer. Thanks to everyone who wrote to say how much they are enjoying the story. Even though it’s over three years old, I still enjoy reading it from time to time. After all, it’s set in one of my favorite places in the world: Brevard County, Florida.

I promise I’ll post another installment of “Me and Shea” tomorrow morning, along with another photo of a surfer I find appealing. Surfers exercise their shoulder and back muscles a lot; the exertion creates some amazing physiques one sees when sitting on the lineup, waiting for waves.

Tonight, a friend who lives here on the island is hosting a birthday party for one of my closest neighbors. There will be good food, and plenty to drink. It’s a beautiful evening here tonight — breezy and warm, but not humid — and I’m sure the party will be fun. Especially since my boyfriend’s getting off work earlier than I thought. He’ll be able to join us at the party, which will make the evning all that more special.

It’s been a busy day. My drive east this morning was maniacal, as always. I don’t care for I-4 drivers’ “kamikaze” style of motoring, but I had a nice lunch with my loved one, and then I drove home through more insane traffic. I’m so glad to be home where it’s quiet and peaceful.

Have a great Saturday night, friends.


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