More guys sleeping; quiet Sunday night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Did you think I’d run out of photos of guys fast asleep? Nonsense. I have a few more, and here are two I know you’ll like.

Even the most aggressive or cocky buy can look vulnerable when he’s dreaming. If you’ve ever shared a dorm room or an apartment bedroom with such a guy, you know what I mean. Their attitude seems to evaporate, like they’ve returned to boyhood.

It’s been a nice day for me. I’ve started a new story, about life in Tallahasse, when I attended law school there, during the mid-1970s. I have no idea where the story’s going, or how long it will be. I always write this way, just feeling my way along, and trying to listen to the voice dwelling in my subconscious. The uncertainty of writing fiction this way is what makes it fun, at least for me.

I’ve had a great day. After I wrote this morning, I shared lunch with my boyfriend. We hung out a few hours, then took a walk on the beach. The beach was crowded with sunbathers of all ages.

I like watching little kids at the beach; they love the freedom and the simple joy of playing in the sand. They enjoy chasing seagulls and building sand castles. The beach releases their creative sides, I suppose. That’s good, right?

We’re staying home tonight. I’m grilling pork tenderloin on the charcoal. The pork is marinating in the fridge as I write this. We’ll team it with a couple of sides and a good bottle of Savignon blanc. It’ll be a a tasty meal. Later, we make take a swim in a pool down the street. I love living on this island.

Have a great Sunday night, all.

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