Hot guys at the beach; busy Tuesday for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

On our little island, we have two beach seasons.

The first begins in March, when the weather begins warming up and the first Spring Breakers arrive from up north, along with our snowbirds visitors and northern Europeans. These are all people who think the Gulf is warm enough to swim in.

Huh? 75 degrees F is not warm enough to swim in. It’s cold. If I want to be cold, I’ll move to Chicago.

Our second beach season begins around May first, when the tourists are gone. This is when the locals start visiting the beach, especially on weekends. Our island is mobbed with families and students, strolling along the shore and playing in the water. The Gulf temperature’s around 82 degrees F, and quite tolerable. This is the time of year I start taking a dip in the Gulf when I take my morning walks on the shore. It’s a perfect way to start the day.

This morning’s beach walk was especially nice. Few people were about. The Gulf was calm and clear, and I saw a few dolphin fishing for the breakfasts while I made my way down the beach.

I’m back at home now, showered and ready to write, as soon as I finish my own breakfast. I’m working on a new story, which is always interesting. I’ve spent so much time editing existing material, over the past year, that I haven’t written a lot of new stuff. It’s time to get the creative side of my brain (Left or right?) chugging.

This afternoon, I have a painting project I’ll work on a couple of hours. Then I’ll probably ride my bike five or ten miles around the island, for a bit more exercise. Not a bad way to spend a day, huh?

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.


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