Nice little video: getting in a guy’s pants …

Hi, friends and readers:

Gay men can be so aggressive sexually. One minute, you’re hugging a guy hello. The next minute, his fingers are in your butt crack.

You say, “Hey, there. What do you think you’re doing?”

He says, “I’m having fun. Don’t you like to have fun?”

Oh, well: getting trashy is part of the joy of being a gay man. A little slutty behavior is usually acceptable, right? And what’s in the background of this video, anyway? Is that a painting, or one of those fireplaces on a video screen? Isn’t there enough heat being generated by the two guys already?

It’s been a busy day for me. I got some solid writing done this morning. I’m mining my memory for details about my life in 1975 Tallahassee. It was a great place to live at the time. I finally came out as a gay man while living there —  quite the liberating experience. I’m still not sure where the story is headed, but I’ll figure it out in the weeks ahead.

Here’s another “sexy guy on the beach” photo, since so many of you are writing to say how much you like them. This guy’s a bit scantily clad, don’t you think?

Nudity’s illegal at the beach on our little island. It’s too bad, But in my travels, when I’ve visited “clothing optional” beaches, I’ve always found that the wrong people are naked. They never look like the guy in tonight’s photo post. Why is that?

I’m home alone tonight. I just took a second two-mile walk on the beach, followed by a swim in the Gulf. It’s nice down there tonight — warm and breezy. Sadly, the guy in the photo at left wasn’t there.

I’ll make myself some dinner in a while. Then maybe I’ll watch a Netflix rental I’ve only seen 1/3 of. I feel asleep last night, while watching the movie with my b/f, and not ’cause the film was borning. I was just tired.

Have a nice Tuesday night, everyone.

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