One man’s philosophy on finding happiness …

Hi, friends and readers:

I don’t know who the guy in tonight’s video is, but he certainly makes his viewpoint on life quiet clear. ¬†Are you inventing your own misery? I suppose many people are, but not me. Actually, I’m about as happy as I’ve ever been. How could I complaint about the life I have?

I guess some people don’t realize how miserable they are. Or they think they are trapped and can’t get out of a bad situation: a sucky job, a rotten marriage, or a suffocating small town. It’s never too late to change your life, if you are unhappy in your present situation. You control your own destiny, you know.

I’ve had a busy day: writing, YMCA, picking up a dozen boxes of quarry tile (50 lbs per box), driving range, and the supermarket. I’m kinda tired, but dinner’s in the oven and it’s a pretty night on the island. Enjoy your Wednesday evening, all.

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