It’s Memorial Day weekend; the island is mobbed …

Hi, friends and readers:

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and it always raises mixed feelings in me. I attended college during the Vietnam War — an idiotic conflict we never should have gotten into. Many guys I knew were drafted and sent over there. A few never returned. In the end, it was all for naught, and 50,000 soldiers died. Many more were disabled for life, both physically and mentally.

The whole thing made me mistrustful of all things military. The idiotic occupation of Iraq only made me more mistrustful of the Pentagon people. And this Afghanistan war (ten years and still going) makes no sense to me either. Why must we continue to send soldiers to places they aren’t welcome?

Having said all that, I do respect and admire the young men and women who serve our country, and especially those in the front lines in Afghanistan. It’s a hostile, dangerous, and nasty place — freezing cold in the winter, hot as Hell in the summer. So, I’m flying my flag all weekend, to honor these brave people. I hope they come home soon. I’m offering photos of guys with flags this weekend, to honor the occasion. I hope you enjoy them.

I’m also offering photos of hot guys in boardshorts, since our island is overrun with beachgoers this weekend. What do you think of the young man at left? If he asked, would you rub sunscreen on his back and shoulders for him. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate. Maybe he’d build a sandcastle with me, too.

My boyfriend joined me on my morning beach walk today. It was nice down there, but by 8:30 AM the temperature was already 78 degrees F. It’ll reach 92 degrees F by noon. I’ll stay indoors today, savoring the air conditioning, while the beach crowd swelters.

Have a nice Saturday, everyone.


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