Sexy video: a hot guy getting poked; dinner party at Martin’s tonight …








Hi, friends and readers:

It’s hard to categorize gay men. Of course, some are strictly tops, and some are strictly bottoms. Most, I believe, are what we call “versatile.” We don’t mind switching roles, depending on our mood and the mood of our partner. The guy in tonight’s video may look like your classic “top”, but he was clearly enjoying a passive role when this video was shot. Take it, buddy. Enjoy yourself ….

My boyfriend’s at work tonight. I’m hosting a little dinner party for friends — nothing fancy. I’ve baked a casserole. I’ll make a tossed salad, and open a bottle of Malbec. We’ll watch sunset while the casserole bakes in the oven. I’m going on a surfing trip tomorrow morning, leaving at six AM. That’s right: six in the morning. You have to work for waves, you know. So, I’ll be in bed early tonight.

Enjoy your Saturday evening, all. And don’t forget to be … versatile.


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