Another hot guy takes a ride; warm Wednesday evening on the island …








Hi, friends and readers:

I think tonight’s video post is pretty sexy, but why is the guy getting poked wearing his Converse Chucks while he’s doing the deed? Is that some sort of fetish I haven’t heard about? Maybe I’ll have to buy myself a pair of Chucks; they’re all the rage in Europe, you know.

I’m home from the YMCA and form running errands. There’s this great little Greek market on the mainland. I was driving right past it today, so I stopped and bought chicken salad, pasta salad, and other goodies. Their food is some of the best in town, and they always have these cute slacker boys working behind the counter.

It’s warm on the island tonight, probably close to ninety degrees F, and a bit humid, too. My boyfriend’s home from work. I’ll barbeque pork chops, and we’ll have them along with Cajun dirty rice and steamed veggies. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Have a great Wednesday evening, all.

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