Rock concert video clip; golf outing a bit frustrating …









Hi, friends and readers:

When’s the last time you attended a huge rock concert? You know, the kind with ear-splitting decibels and a Screamo band? It’s been a while for me, but I do find them quite . . . cathartic. They tap into some sort of primal part of the human mind, and drive you a bit crazy.

I’ve been to some amazing rock concerts in my day: Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Guns ‘n Roses in their heyday, and The Chili Peppers (once in Florida, once in Berlin), to name a few. I like getting close to the stage and becoming part of the mass of moving humanity. Of course, once the concert starts, you’re stuck in the mob until the concert’s over. If you have to pee, you go in your pants. Believe me I have once or twice. It’s a price you pay for getting close.

I’m home from a frustrating round of golf. The course was a “tight” one, with narrow fairways and many water hazards. I’ll bet I lost eight balls today. But, I still enjoyed myself. Yeah, the weather was warm, but we had an afternoon breeze and cloud cover at times.

I’m having dinner out with friends tonight, at whatever restaurant we choose once they get to my place. It’ll be a fun evening. I hope your Thursday night’s a good one, too.

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