Are you having a bad Monday? Not as bad as this guy …








Hi, friends and readers:

Suicide isn’t something I’d normally treat lightly, but I came across this video clip and found it rather funny. The guy’s cute, too. Does anyone know who he is? He reminds me of a Croatian exchange student who once lived with me for a year. We became great friends during his stay, and we continue to keep in touch. I even visited him in Zagreb, twice.

It’s been a l-o-n-g day for me. I’m not used to rising at five AM and driving to Tampa’s airport with all the crazies speeding to work. But I did my writing for the day. I visited the YMCA, then the driving range to hit a bucket of balls. As mentioned in this morning’s post, I’m dining out with a friend tonight, at a nice little German restaurant wth good food and Paulaner beer from Bavaria, on tap.

I heard from my boyfriend; he made it to San Francisco, unscathed. He’ll be gone for about a week, so I’ll have to entertain myself. I think I can do that.

Have a nice Monday night, friends.


3 thoughts on “Are you having a bad Monday? Not as bad as this guy …

    • Okay, I checked out Jack and Finn Harries, two very handsome British twins who post YouTube videos all the time. I think you are right, Noob, one of them made this little video. Thanks for the info.

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