A quartet of hot, shirtless guys; Martin’s home from his football weekend …

Hi, friends and readers:

The photo at left was not taken at the tailgate party and football game I attended in Gainesville yesterday, but I saw plenty of guys, students at UF, who looked equally as good. I’m not kidding; what a feast for the eyes. I mean, shirtless guys were everywhere, showing off their chiseled chests, rippling abs, and bulging biceps. Okay, I drank my fair share of booze, and I took several photos I’ll treasure in the days ahead. But I behaved.

I’m thinking the first photo I’ve posted here was taken in Germany. The guys are clearly fashion victims, they’re Nordic, and the background looks like a public square in Germany. But that’s just my guess.

Okay, here is a photo of several drunken UF undergraduates, feeling no pain as we walked toward the football stadium, following the UF band. I know these guys’ moms would be appalled to see their sons appearing on Martin’s website, but so be it.  It’s Gator football, Mom. (My favorite’s the guy on the right with the ball cap turned sideways and the hacked off sleeves. Yummy.)

I’m home now, feeling a bit tired from our drive home this afternoon. Our Gainesville hostess was a wonderful lady who made us feel right at home. The game itself wasn’t all that great; the Gators collected 14 penalties, totally sloppy. But at least they won. The heat and humidity in the stadium were beastly, so I left halfway through the third quarter. I preferred the goings-on at our tailgate tent, and the shade from a magnolia tree in front of the library.

My lovely boyfriend arrives home from his business trip, in just a few minutes. We’ll cook pork chops on the charcoal grille, then take a swim in the pool down the street. Maybe we’ll spend a little … quiet time, too.

Have a nice Sunday night, everyone.

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