Martin’s new anthology, “Boys in Heat”, is now available ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m pleased to announce publication of my latest fiction anthology, Boys in Heat, a trio of erotic stories I think my readers will enjoy. Here’s the book’s blurb:

Boys in love, boys in trouble, boys in heat ….

This Martin Delacroix anthology offers three erotic stories of young men who crave another guy’s flesh. In “Noah, Dane, and Me”, a young ex-Marine with a daddy kink seeks attention from his boyfriend’s father. In “Cody Barton”, two troubled high school seniors seek shelter in their friendship when a pair of scandals rend their lives. In “Me and Shea”, a guy who’s given up on romance fights the urge to give love a second chance. 

Deeply erotic and sometimes dark, these tales will touch your heart and quicken your pulse.

Right now, Boys in Heat is only available in Kindle format, but the print version should come out in a day or two. Here’s a link to the Amazon site:



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