To smoke or not to smoke? Is weed bad?

Hi, friends and readers:

A young man named Allen — a Tom’s River, New Jersey resident — sent me a message yesterday. He said this:

“I’m fifteen. I play baseball and racket ball, I’m pretty good at both.

“I’m also gay, I like cock. Should I apologize for that? I don’t think so.

“Okay, I have a boyfriend. We suck cock.”

(Wow, I like this kid. He continues …)

“My boyfriend’s not an athlete. He’s a skater, and he follows your website. He also smokes weed. He wants me to smoke. Should I?”

Hmmm ….

To smoke or not to smoke? To suck dick or not? To listen to Martin or not?

These are personal choices, Allen.

Marijuana’s far less harmful than booze, I think. Have you ever met a person who got into a fight while high on weed? Of course you haven’t. Weed brings forth our peaceful side. It helps us think about life, and it makes music special.

I won’t say weed makes me sociablel. I tend to withdraw, and get introspective, when I smoke. But overall, I’d say it’s okay to indulge in weed occasionally. Especially when you’re spending time with your boyfriend. You see, sex is enhanced by weed’s effect. I just thought I’d mention that.

I know many people will disagree with me on this issue, and that’s okay. But, Allen, you asked for my opinion, and I’m not going to reply dishonestly. In the end …  you know yourself best. Trust your own judgment in this matter, and good luck.

3 thoughts on “To smoke or not to smoke? Is weed bad?

  1. I smoked weed for along time i say yes it not as bad is it made out to be at first! However long use is not good hahahhh i smoked for 3-4 years and its fucked me up. bad memory not to mention motor controll but that smokeing every day for years weed is amazing makes sex amazing like u could not imagen music the same i listen to music and had sex after about 3-4 buckets and really good at cheering u up go for it mate JUST WEED THO!!! Ur right martin well that whay i reacon

  2. I had a boyfriend who smokes weed. Well, i’ve only tried it on chocolate so i can only talk in the partner’s sight.
    I havent started because i dont wanna control it, im scorpion , i like to enjoy my natural needs, and i dont want it to become one. Even though, i miss staying close to those smokes… the smell gives me a good feeling.

    • Hi, Leandro:

      Yeah, when it comes to weed, everyone has pros and cons to consider. I’m not a regular smoker, but I’ll take a puff if it’s offered at a party. I’m good with beer and wine. Thanks for writing, and for visiting my site.


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