A pair of “lover boys” video clips. Martin’s had 350,000 site visits, so far this year …








Hi, friends and readers:

I’m glad everyone’s enjoying the series of “lover boys” photos I am posting this week. Tonight, I thought I’d post a pair of “lover boys” videos. Aren’t I accommodating?

The first video, I believe, is from a Belgian film, Noordzee Texas. I guess it’s not too hard to figure out what those two guys are up to, is it? They seem to be enjoying themselves immensely. Wouldn’t you be?

The second clip is from the old cable TV series, Queer as Folk. (A straight friend of mine used to call it “Queer as Hell”, which I found rather funny.) Remember Justin and Brian? Remember all their struggles to make things work? Love’s like that, I suppose ….

Today’s a bit of a milestone in the history of this website. If you follow regularly, you know my old blog was “deactivated”, i. e., shut down by WordPress because it had become “too commercial.” At the time, I averaged 2,500-3,000 visits per day.








I started this website in mid-December 2011, but my average daily visits were no more than 100-150 persons stopping by. It took me months to rebuild my old posts, and to find the photos that went with them, but I did it. Visit numbers have steadily climbed, and now I’m averaging 4,000 visitors per day. Yesterday, 4,700 people stopped by. And today, this year’s Visitor Number 350,000 came, to check out the photos, videos, and free fiction.

It’s amazing, really. I want to thank all of you who’ve helped make this site popular. I’ll keep posting, if you’ll keep visiting. And wherever you are tonight, I hope you’re having a marvelous Wednesday evening.

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