An indecent proposal from a sexy young man ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, it’s Friday night and I’m alone. I came across these two little video clips I find … stimulating. Who is this lovely young man? And where does he live? I must say, he looks better with his shirt off, instead of on. Would you agree?

I’ve just returned from viewing sunset with my neighbors. The sunset was beautiful, and my neighbors are the best: friendly, caring, and nonjudgmental. This has to be one of the best places in Florida to live.

Okay, here’s the second video clip of this guy. Now, assuming he lived in your town, would you take him up on his offer? Of course you would. He’s cute as hell, and clearly in need of … attention.

I’m still a little unclear on why guys his age insist on wearing ten rubber bracelets on their wrists. Don’t the bracelets get in the way during lovemaking? Does he take them off when he showers? What sort of political statements do they make? Anyone care to enlighten me on the subject of rubber bracelets?

My dinner is ready, so I will wish everyone a nice Friday night.


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