One last pair of “lover boys” photos; busy Friday for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

My series of “lover boys” photos has been a big hit this week, and I’ll end it with two photos I truly adore. Why? Because the depict moments when it’s most important to have a boyfriend, when something has gone terribly wrong in your life, and your boyfriend is there to listen, and to comfort you. Being boyfriends isn’t a;ways about sex and having fun. It’s about being there for each other, especially in the worst of times: loss of a job, loss of a family member, illness, financial crisis, addiction, and police arrest, for example.

Say your boyfriend calls you at home, at three AM, crying. He says, “I’m in jail. I got busted for DUI on the way home from the bar.”

What do you do? You get your ass out of bed, get dressed, drove to an ATM, and then to the jail. You bail his ass out and drive him home. After he cries for a while, you send him to the shower. Then you tuck him in bed, and you tell him you love him. That’s what a boyfriend does.

I had a busy, busy day today. After writing this morning, I visited the YMCA with my boyfriend before he had to go to work. I worked out, the swam laps in the pool. I visited the driving range, to hit a bucket of balls and practice my pitching and putting. Then I hit the supermarket and gas station on my way home. Traffic is kind of crazy on the island right now, due to a couple of major road and bridge construction projects. These will go on for months; it’s a real pain the ass, but that’s life on an island.

I’m by myself tonight, after spending a wonderful day yesterday with my boyfriend. We celebrated his new promotion with a good bottle of champagne and a swim in the pool at the club down the street. It rained while we swam, which was very romantic. We were the only ones present, so we had privacy. I guess I don’t have to tell you we spent a little time sharing a raft and doing a bit of smooching. Ahhh, love …..

If you have a boyfriend, be sure to give him a hug tonight and tell him you love him. It’s important. If you don’t have a boyfriend, get busy and find one. The Internet has so many amazing sites where you can meet guys. It’s never too late to find love, friends.

Have a great Friday night.


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