Sexy guys and their cameras; a pair of lovely photos ….

Hi, friends and readers:

What compels young men to get naked and photograph themselves before a mirror? And why are their Facebook pages littered with such photos? I guess I don’t understand social networking. Are they trolling for babes?

Anyway, I’m posting a pair of “I took this photo of myself” pictures this evening. I hope you’ll enjoy them. The guys are cute, arent they? Don’t you love the butterfly on the bathroom wall in the photo at left?

It’s been a long day for me. I spent the afternoon working on painting and wall-patching projects. Neither was fun, but both were necessary, and now they are done. I never realized what a task it would be to renovate an apartment and make it ready for market. I just hope I find the right tenant.

Okay, I’m home alone tonight. I shared a bottle of wine with my good friend and neighbor, and now I’m about to heat up leftovers for dinner.

My lovely boyfriend just called to say he might get off work early, so we may actually get to spend most of the evening together, a nice change.

It’s pretty on the island tonight. The humidity has lessened, and a nice breeze is blowing. Maybe we’ll take a moonlit walk on the beach when Mr. Boyfriend gets home.

Traffic has been heavy on this site today. By the evening’s end, I’ll have 4,500 visitors, which is great. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by. And have a nice Saturday night, friends.

Martin’s anthology, “Boys in Heat”, is now available in print version …

Hi, friends and readers:

Earlier this week, I announced publication of my new, erotic anthology titled Boys in Heat. At the time, the book was only available in Kindle format, but now it’s available in a print version, as well.

Here’s the book’s blurb:

Boys in love, boys in trouble, boys in heat …. This Martin Delacroix anthology offers three erotic stories of young men who crave another guy’s flesh. In “Noah, Dane, and Me”, a young ex-Marine with a “daddy kink” seeks attention from his boyfriend’s father. In “Cody Barton”, two troubled high school seniors find shelter in their friendship, after a pair of scandals rend their lives. In “Me and Shea”, a guy who’s given up on romance, fights the urge to give love a second chance. Deeply erotic and sometimes dark, these tales will touch your heart and quicken your pulse.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, just click on the book’s cover in the sidebar at right, and you’ll be transported to the book’s Amazon listing.

Gay BMXer asks a question; breezy day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s been a while since I’ve heard from any gay men or boys who ride BMX, but yesterday I heard from Bryce, a BMXer from Tucson, AZ. He said this:

“I’m sixteen, and I know I’m gay. I don’t like girls, not in a sexual way. I only like dudes, and I REALLY like this one dude who’s always at our local BMX track. He’s so good looking, usually he doesn’t wear a shirt. I fantasize about him when I’m in bed at night. But I don’t think I’d be smart telling him how I feel about him. I’ve never had gay sex, but I pretty much know what two guys do in bed together. Do you think I should have a personal talk with this guy? His name is Matt. He’s eighteen and really cool.”

Well, Bryce, I don’t know how to answer your question because I don’t know Matt, nor have I observed his behavior. But it’s my impression the BMX scene is not exactly welcoming to openly gay riders. If this guy Matt isn’t receptive to gay boys, you might get a hostile reaction. He’d also probably tell others at the track, and then you might have problems. I’m not trying to be a “buzz kill” here, but I’d tread carefully in this situation, if I were you.

I took my usual two-mile walk on the beach this morning. It’s very breezy down there, and the Gulf’s choppy. I spent the rest of my morning writing, then hung out with my boyfriend before he left for work. I have plenty to do this afternoon: yard work, correspondence, and a painting project. I won’t be bored. I’m not sure what I’ll do with my evening.

Have a nice Saturday, everyone.