Hot guys in Speedos, enjoying the pool ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Speedos are amazing, aren’t they? Check out the young man at left. HIs body was made for his swimsuit. He should never wear anything else, wouldn’t you agree? I wonder what his name is, and where he lives? Most U. S. guys are too modest to wear Speedos, so I am guessing he’s Australian or European. I’ll bet his name is … Jamie, and he lives in … Melbourne.

Anyone know?

I’m home from my drive to the center of the state. Today’s trip was especially harrowing, as a huge system of rainstorms lashed central Florida all day long. It made driving on the Interstate highway difficult, as I could barely see the car in front of me. I couldn’t have picked a worse day, weather wise, to make the trip. But I did, and I enjoyed a nice lunch and visit with my loved one. These trips are important, I know, as I’m sure she grows tired of life at the ALF. Besides, one day I’ll be aged, and maybe if I’m lucky someone will visit me and take me out for lunch once in a while.

I’m home now, safe and sound, and ready for a pleasant evening. Two old friends from my boyhood are coming to my place for drinks and bullshitting. Then we’ll visit a local restaurant for a nice meal. It’s always fun being with these guys, and now I don’t have to cook dinner this evening. What could be better? Now that I’m living by myself, cooking dinner’s not nearly as fun.

I spoke with my boyfriend just a few minutes ago. He had a good day at work, and now he’s going shopping for cooking implements for his new kitchen. I’ll be visiting him later this week, and we’ll prepare a few nice meals together during my stay. I can’t wait.

Have a nice Tuesday night, all.


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