A pair of sexy guys to soothe your eyes …

Hi, friends and readers: I’m still on the road, up in Gainesville, and I’m posting with my laptop, where my photo collection is kind of sparse. But I thought you guys would appreciate the two photos I’ve posted here, this afternoon. I don’t know which guy I like better, but then I don’t have to choose, do I? Last night, after we fixed dinner, here at the apartment, we visited a few nightspots in downtown Gainesville. Most places were crowded with students, and lots of fun. The drink prices weren’t too bad, and parking wasn’t a problem. We’ll definitely do it again. It’s so invigorating, being surrounded by college students who are friendly and respectful. I like it here in Gainesville, I really do. I’ll visit here as often as possible, as long as my boyfriend’s willing to put up with me.

This morning, we walked the campus for an hour, soaking up the beauty of the Gothic-style buildings and the ancient oaks and long leaf pines. I love the Spanish moss growing on these trees, everywhere you look. Not many students were about, at 8:30 AM. I suppose most were sleeping off hangovers from yesterday’s football game and the subsequent parties. The Gators demolished Kentucky, 38-0, a total blowout. Tonight, we’ll fix dinner and watch an NFL game. Maybe we’ll take a walk around the neighborhood afterward.

My boyfriend has to be at work early tomorrow, and I’m driving back to my little island. So, we won’t stay up late tonight. It’s been a great visit; my boyfriend’s place is so comfortable. Today we bought houseplants and put them in pots on the porch and inside the apartment, and the plants really dress the place up.

Have a great Sunday evening, friends.

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