Why do I like watching football?









Hi, friends and readers:

Someone wrote me over the weekend to ask, “I don’t get this whole thing with you and football, Gators or otherwise.. You’re a writer and gay. Don’t you have better things to devote your time to?”

Hmmm. I’ll admit, I’ve always been turned off by the whole “sports mania” thing so many American men suffer from, especially when you’re talking football. It’s a stinking game, for Christ’s sake, played by a bunch of overpaid and spoiled men who don’t give a crap about their fans or the city their team plays in. That includes college ball, where most of the players aren’t even real students, just subsidized entertainers waiting for their shot at the NFL.

Having said all that ….

do enjoy watching the Florida Gators play, especially when they’re doing well. When I attended school there, the team was so bad the stands in the stadium were rarely half-full for games. At least now, the Gators are often a ranked team with a respectable record. It’s fun visiting the campus for a weekend, or just watching them play on TV. But my spirits do not rise and fall with the fortunes of the Gators. If they lose, well … too bad. I don’t take my football seriously.

I’m home from Gainesville. I did the YMCA and the driving range, and then the supermarket, as my cupboard was bare. Now I’m home sipping a beer, and looking forward to a quiet evening and a Netflix movie.

Have a nice Monday night, everyone.

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