A young man losing his shirt. Party time for Martin tonight.










Hi, friends and readers:

It’s always nice watching a handsome young man lose his shirt, wouldn’t you agree? And the boy in tonight’s video post seems to be a patriot, too. See the flag on his shirt? I hope he’s not a Republican ….

This afternoon was loads of boredom, but I got things done. My Element has a new set of Firestone tires. (I buy American when possible.) I visited Home Depot to buy a few more things needed for my rental apartment. And I bought a few more things at Bed, Bath & Beyond. (Do people who aren’t housewives or gay men ever patronize that place? I don’t think so.)

Tonight, I’ll attend a party honoring a former German exchange student who later did a legal internship at my law office, many years ago. He’s a successful Berlin lawyer, now, and I am so proud of his accomplishments. He’s amazingly cute, too, but plays for the “wrong team”, sadly. We’ll have a few drinks and dine on first class barbeque. It’ll be fun. All my best friends will be there. But, sadly, my b/f won’t. (Sniffle.)

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

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