Cute guys and their i-Pods; Martin’s off to The Keys ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s hard to believe i-Pods didn’t exist ten years ago. Of course, we had Sony Walkmans, but they didn’t come close to the i-Pods capacity and sound quality. It’s no wonder you’ll see young men everywhere, listening to their i-Pods.

The guys in today’s photo posts seem to be enjoying their music, don’t they? I wonder what kind of music they are listening to? R & B? Rock-and-roll? Classical? Who knows?

I rose early this morning, to take my usual walk on the beach. It was nice down there–cool and breezy. The Gulf was quite still. A few boats were fishing for tarpon about a half-mile off shore. I guess it’s tarpon season right now. These are huge fish that sometimes weigh more than one hundred pounds. You can’t eat them; they’re all bone and muscle. They’re just fun to catch and release.


Right now, my boyfriend’s reading the paper. But a few minutes from now, we’ll start packing the car for our trip to the Keys. We’ll spend two days at Big Pine Key, another two in Islamorada. Most of our activities will be outdoors: kayaking, fishing, and snorkeling. We may play a round of golf, too. The Keys are beautiful at this time of year, before all the winter tourists arrive. It’ll be a fund trip, I’m sure.

I’m taking my laptop. Hopefully, I’ll have Internet access down there, so I can post over the next four days. Have a nice Thursday, friends.

One thought on “Cute guys and their i-Pods; Martin’s off to The Keys ….

  1. Somehow I really enjoy these summer-sunny pictures. Maybe that’s because hot sunny days are somewhat rare where I live. Have you ever been racy enough to snap your own shots of prime targets like these you just posted. I was once relaxing myself lying on the green on a hot day and realised that phones have cameras these days after admiring a guy next to me. Listening to his what not Pod. The key to a nice shot like that is having the point of view down low. As in the second picture above. I felt a bit sneaky taking that picture but that was actually what made it more invigorating.
    Enjoy your local climate. I would love to be somewhere warmer. The trees are shedding their leaves here in the damp rain and birds are migrating south.

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