Sexy guys getting wet; Martin’s loving The Keys ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I like watching sexy young men get wet at the beach, don’t you? I thought I’d share a pair of photos with you that I know you’ll appreciate. But who goes swimming in their boxers? (Okay, at least one guy does.)

I’ve been wet most of today myself. Yesterday afternoon, my boyfriend and I drove south to Big Pine Key, about an hour north of Key West. It’s beautiful here, and very quiet. All these little “Key Deer” are running around; you see them everywhere. This is the only place in the world they exist. I tried to take a photo of one this afternoon, but s/he ran into the woods before I could.

It’s been a great day for us. Seven of us are staying in a four bedroom house on a canal leading to the ocean. It’s a fully-furnished, comfortable house. The air conditioning kicks ass, and the yard is full of coconut palms.

This morning, four of us drove to Bahia Honda, a small island which is mostly state park, and very nicely kept. We spent the morning walking nature trails and bicycling around the island. Then, after we dined in a picnic shelter right on the Atlantic Ocean, my boyfriend and I took a three-hour snorkeling trip to Loo Key, where a beautiful reef is located. It’s a protected park — no fishing or spearing — and we saw tons of tropical fish, including several huge grouper and even a shark.

If you ever visit The Keys, set aside a day to spend at Bahia Honda. It’s so beautiful and tropical, and the water is crystal clear. We saw many attractive young men, most of them European, enjoying the sunshine and warm waters. The atmosphere is relaxed and open, everyone gets along, regardless of where they are from.

Tonight, we’ll barbeque pork chops and watch sunset from a second-story deck on the property where we’re staying. There’s plenty of booze, and everyone seems to be in a good mood. My boyfriend’s kayaking with two guys right now, while I am relaxing in the coolness of the house.

Have a nice Friday night, everyone.

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